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Find the Best Workout for Your Personality

November 23, 2020

Fitness is about self-expression and finding that thing that trips your trigger. It’s not anybody’s business to tell you which exercises you can or can’t do. Sure, the world might be a more groovy and flexible place if we all got into yoga, but the reality is that some people just genuinely hate it. As much as we preach about the importance of that yogi-esque flexibility, it’s ok if you don’t love yoga. Or maybe you find yourself wondering why people enjoy CrossFit.

If you haven’t found a fitness routine you love – or one you can actually stick to – maybe you haven’t found the one for you. You wouldn’t expect everyone to have the same tastes in fashion, so why should it be any different with your workout? Well, it’s time to pick your character and find the best workout for your personality so you can finally fall in love with a routine – and stick to it.


For the Type A Go-Getter

This one’s for those early morning risers, those goal setters, and those go-getters. We don’t blame you if you are bored by the pace of a leisurely yoga class. You were made to move and sweat it out. Everything you do, you give it 200%, so why would your fitness routine not be the same?

Centric Best workout for your personality

If you’ve been nodding your head, then you need those high-intensity, high-energy type workouts to keep you feeling productive and satisfied. Because if it doesn’t feel like it’s challenging you enough, then it’s not for you. That’s why intense workouts like kickboxing and CrossFit might be the perfect match for you. You’ll work up an intense sweat in half the time. Go on and shred those cals like it’s your job. The end result will leave you feeling exhausted, exhilarated, and energized all at the same time.


For the Chill Introvert

Ever feel like the world moves way too fast – for no good reason? If you’re more of the chill, homebody type, you’re probably not looking for one of those loud, insanely fast-paced Zumba classes. Spin class? Yeah, right. Instead, you need a workout that goes with the flow – and one that you can preferably do solo or at home


If you’re quietly agreeing (in your head, of course), either yoga, pilates, and barre could be the best workout for your personality. You don’t need much equipment, so these workouts are great solo and at-home options. Plus, no partners or groups are required – thank the introvert gods! Put on your favorite pair of leggings, grab your laptop, and find that flow.


For the Social Butterfly

At-home workouts? Who are you going to talk to – the dog? Hard pass. We see you, you social butterfly, you. And we know that not just any workout will do. You need something where you can get your gab on and sweat it out at the same time. Although they’re an introvert’s nightmare, group classes could definitely be your thing, ya dig?

Centric Best workout for your personality

A workout like Zumba, spin class, or even weightlifting could be the best workout for your personality. It’s basically a dream come true that you can get your sweat on and socialize at the same time. If COVID is putting a damper on your gym sitch, there are plenty of online classes you can find. Or, do a socially distanced zoom workout with your gym buddies if you can’t be together IRL.


For the Time-Crunched Organizer

Go, go, go. If you had to pick just three words to sum up your life, that would be the magic combo. From work to errands and then back to more work, you probably feel like you don’t have much spare time in your day for a workout. So obviously, you’ll need a workout that is quick, effective, and gets the job done in no time at all (ok, well, at least a little time).

Centric Best workout for your personality

To get the same results in half the time, you’ll have to dial up the intensity a notch. But that’s the story of your life. Ain’t nobody got enough time in a day to do everything at a leisurely pace. 15 to 30-minute intense sweat seshes like HIIT, Tabata training, or even jumping rope can help you squeeze in some workouts between your meetings. 


For the Free-spirited Daydreamer

If your feet are grounded, but your head’s in the clouds, you need a workout that matches your free-spirit. You might not be a big fan of routine, and you probably prefer to allow the creative flow take you where it wants to. You need something that doesn’t take too much focus and can let your creative mind wander.

Centric Aero Mask

Daydreamers rejoice; there’s a workout for your personality. Try exercises like dance classes, tai chi, or power yoga. In fact, any exercise that allows you to creatively improvise will do just the trick. With these free-spirited exercises, you won’t feel confined to a box or bound by rigid standards or routine moves. 



Here’s an understatement for you: personality plays a huge role in who we are, what we love, and what we can’t stand. It influences everything from fashion sense to learning styles, so why wouldn’t it influence your workout preferences? Finding your true workout personality might even help you finally fall into a regular fitness practice. Cause nobody can stay self-motivated to keep doing something they don’t love for too long. Get the most out of your exercise and yourself a favor by finding the best workout for your personality.

The Centric Team