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The Fresh Fall Color Lineup 2020 Needs

October 5, 2020

It’s time to say so long to Summer and hello to some fresh, Fall changes. But cooler temps don’t mean you’ve gotta cool your colorful self down. So bundle up and grab a cup of hot cider (or iced coffee, depending on what Fall feels like for you) and let’s look at some of the freshest Fall color trends for 2020 that will help keep you inspired till Spring comes round again. 


Bold Burgundy

If the richest red and most profound purple had a love child, it would be sweet, sweet burgundy. While reds, bricks, and maroons often feature in Fall color lineups, this year’s burgundy colors reflect all that wine we’ve been drinking that deep soul searching we’ve been doing during quarantine. From hoodies to formal wear, burgundy is making a strong statement this season.

Centric Burgundy tank tops

Burgundy inspires ambitions and can make you feel luxurious and powerful, even if you’re just working (out) from home. Feeling a little lackluster today? Burgundy can help you get inspired and reignite your passions, even if your flame is burning just a little dimmer today.


Moody Blues

From deep, dark navy to bold admiral blue, this Fall color trend for 2020 is sure to be a timeless favorite. Represented in the depths of the sky and the oceans, blues helps to promote stability and calmness. 

Centric Cece Leggings Cobalt Blue

Blue can also be an energizing force – which is why we’re supposed to avoid that blue light emitted from our little screens when we’re trying to wind down for bedtime. But, if you need some inspiration and a good dose of confidence, put on your blue power suit and get to work!


Classic Khakis

We can’t get enough of those earthy, classic khaki colors. It’s endlessly versatile and always pulls an outfit together with ease. Rooted in traditional military gear, khaki is no new kid on the block. Khaki can range from light, sandy beiges in the warmer months, to darker, dusty hues for Fall and Winter.


The word khaki is derived from the Persian word for soil (Khâk). Khakis are made to keep you grounded. If you’re feeling unbalanced, unsettled, or just looking for an easy way to help you find some calmness in your daily routine, then khaki might do just the trick. 


Vibrant Greens

There’s nothing like a bit of green when you need a pick-me-up. From deep forest greens to this season’s ultramarine green, we are loving the green Fall color trend for 2020.


The color green is often associated with safety and healing. Had a rough week? Put on some of our favorite pine green color and move through your preferred yoga flows. You’ll be surprised what a little self-care can do to help refocus and recenter yourself. Bring it on 2020, cause this green’s got your back.


Earthy Pinks

Can we just say that we are SO glad that Winter pink is a thing this year. It’s just what 2020 called for. If you think that pink is solely for those warm Spring and Summer months, think again. Think nude-toned peaches and dusty pinks. Have we convinced you yet?


Pink is the color of happiness, love, and youthfulness. Pink can inspire hope and a sense of reassurance. And if you’re asking us, we could probably all use a little more of that this year. If you’re having a hard time letting go of that summertime bubblegum pink, try swapping it out with these more earthy, subtle pinks to keep your cheerful vibes going year-round. 



We won’t lie. It’s hard to pick a favorite Fall color trend for 2020 Although 2020 has been one giant ride on the struggle bus, these colors are sure to keep you inspired throughout the Fall and Winter seasons. 

The Centric Team