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The Best Fitness Gifts for 2020 to Make Your Life That Much Easier

December 7, 2020

You know what’s tough? Finding the perfect gifts. Know what’s even tougher? Finding the perfect gifts for those fitness addicts in your life. Well, good thing you stumbled upon this oh-so-handy breakdown of the best fitness gifts for 2020. Because honestly, you’ve got plenty of other things on your to-do list that need your time and attention. So grab a hot cup o’ cocoa (or your favorite seasonal beverage of choice), snuggle down, and prepare to check off those hard-to-buy-for fitness lovers in your life.


Smartwatches for Staying on Top of Things

Smart watches are kinda like the gift that keeps on giving. While the fitness junkie in your life will definitely appreciate the fitness insights it provides, there’s more than meets the eye with these handy gadgets. But, if you’re trying to narrow down your selection, it can be overwhelming. There are a few options that stand out above the rest of the crowd.  

FitBit is no newbie to the fitness tech world. Founded in 2007, FitBit has a long history of developing a smorgasbord of fitness and health tech – including multiple wearable options. Two of those wearable options – the Versa and the Sense – keep track of sleep quality, heart rate, and activity levels (including your workouts and general step counts). 

Garmin, originally known for its GPS speciality, has built quite a reputation in the world of wearable fitness tech. That’s why its Venu smart watch makes the list of the best fitness gifts for 2020. Waterproof and compatible with iOS and Android, this smartwatch will keep you in line with all of those fitness (or productivity) goals.


Finally, no smartwatch list would be complete without including the Apple watch. This one’s for the multitaskers who want more from their smartwatch than just fitness and health. While it might not be compatible for Android users, it syncs all of your data with Apple Health so you don’t have to manage multiple apps.


Essential Nutrition Tools

Ok, but would a healthy lifestyle really be complete without the right nutrition? Nah, it definitely wouldn’t. Like they say, diet is 80% of the effort. So why not make that portion of the job just a little easier for the fitness lover in your life. There are a few key pieces that made the cut for the best fitness gifts for 2020.

First, is ole reliable: the Ninja blender. And if you think this one’s just for making smoothies or protein shakes, think again. This is a one-size-fits-all solution for a wide range of home cooking. Batters (like pancakes and waffles)? Yep. Dressings, marinades, and homemade condiments? Duh! Oh, and ice creams and sorbets. Because honestly, nothing beats homemade.

If you’re feeling particularly jolly this year, why not go more unconventional with meal or nutrition subscriptions for your favorite fitness fanatic? Services like Hello Fresh, Daily Harvest, and vegan-based Hungryroot can help take the guesswork (and the prep work) out of their meal planning. And everybody knows that making healthy food convenient is the first step to making it a staple in your life.


Aching Muscle Recovery Tools

Sore muscles suck. Which is exactly why recovery tools are a must on this list of the best fitness gifts for 2020. This year, give the gift of recovery. It’s a simple gift, but this is the thought that really counts. You know they go hard. You know they have to recover. Ain’t nobody a superhero over here. So why not give them a leg up with these recovery-focused holiday gift ideas?

Look, 2020 has been a buzzkill – and it’s shut down many massage and recovery centers across the country. So bring the masseuse home this Christmas with a Theragun. From mini to pro, the best part is that there are a variety of options to choose from, so you’re bound to find one that hits the spot. Theragun’s percussive muscle massage technology is enough to send those sore muscles packing. Lactic acid, be gone! No one wants you here, anyways.

Fitness tech

Source: Higher Dose

If you’re thinking more of a whole-body approach, then you might want to think infrared. The Higher Dose Infrared Sauna blanket can bring the benefits of a recovery spa to the comfort (and convenience) of your home. From better sleep to quicker muscle recovery, infrared therapy can work wonders on the human body. Which is a relief, considering all that it’s put through. If you’re not into the whole blanket thing, it also comes as a mat for some yoga-like zen.


Stuck on what to get for your fitness friends? The endless options of fitness accessories and gadgets can feel overwhelming.No worries, though. You’re covered with the best fitness gifts for 2020 that are sure to hit the mark. 

The Centric Team