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Summer Road Trip Essentials for Your July 4th Getaway

June 29, 2020

If you’re like most of us, then the July 4th holiday might look a little different this year. Thanks to COVID-19, air travel seems a little less pleasant than it used to (although, if we’re being honest, having to fly to your vacation destination usually adds more stress than we’d like to admit.) That’s why the perfect summer road trip is just what you needed. Road trips are great for getting you far enough away from home to feel like you’re on vacation, without actually having to spend a whole day traveling. But what should you pack? Don’t worry, fam, we got you. To help you prevent over (or under) packing, we’ve rounded up the perfect list of summer road trip essentials you need for your July 4th getaway.


The Perfect Playlist

You can’t hit the road without tunes. I mean, can you imagine just driving for hours *in silence*. Ok, maybe you’re one of those rare types that enjoys that kind of thing, but for us, we need some sing-along, feel-good, groovy music to make the road trip experience whole. That’s why the perfect playlist is on our list of must-have summer road trip essentials.

If you’re not a master playlist creator, never fear! There are about a bazillion different playlist suggestions out there. You’re guaranteed to find a playlist (or two, or three) that fits your music preferences. More of an Indie lover? Try this playlist. Old school road trip rock n’ roll right up your alley? Here’s a good one for you. Or maybe you’re a modern soul who can’t get enough of today’s catchy tunes. There’s a playlist for that, too. Oh, and Disney fans rejoice – because you can even find playlists chock full of Disney sing-along tunes.


Thirst Quenchers & Snacks

There’s nothing worse than driving while thirsty. Ok, that’s probably not true. Correction: there’s nothing worse than driving while hungry. Which is why this is one of the most important parts of planning a road trip. You gotta make sure you’ve got all the tasty snacks and thirst-quenching drinks on-hand when you need them.

Looking to opt for healthy, DIY drinks? We made a list of road-trip worthy non-alcoholic drinks that will really take your summer adventures to the next level. The best part? You can make them in batches ahead of time. Store them in your favorite insulated bottle to keep them chilled as long as you’re on the road.

Road trip snacks can get expensive if you don’t plan them right. If you’re just planning on snagging a bag of munchies at the gas station, your wallet won’t be the only thing regretting that decision. Think about packing your own munchies like homemade trail mix, dried fruit, or even healthy crackers. No matter what you choose, premaking healthy, preportioned snacks is a great way to keep your budget (and your diet) on track while you travel. 


Versatile Gear

Are you an over-packer? Or maybe, you’re an under-`packer. Either way, it’s difficult to make sure you’ve got the right gear when you’re packing for a road trip. This is especially true for summer road trips. With sweltering days and nights that will chill you to the bone, you need to bring gear that is versatile and can accommodate multiple functions. 

Plus, it’s gotta be comfortable. And we don’t have anything against jeans, but we’re firm believers that life is just better in activewear. When you’re packing for a road trip, you’ve got limited space. That means that versatile gear is a must-have. 

Opt for pieces that can do double duty. Hiking in the morning but then planning on doing some shopping in the afternoon? Throw your favorite pair of leggings in a bag. Need a piece that can transition from a morning run to a beach-side brunch? Try a sports-bra meets crop top for ultimate versatility.

Road trips can be an easy and cost-effective way to get away without getting too far away. From tunes to thirst-quenchers, no summer road trip is complete without the must-haves. What’s on your list of summer road trip essentials?

Taryn W


Taryn Willis is an avid fitness junkie. Born and raised in Indiana, she grew up playing sports and continues to this day. When she’s not spoiling her three furbabies, she’s busy kickboxing, running, doing some deep downward dog yoga, or playing intramural soccer. A creative mastermind and wordsmith by nature, she graduated from Indiana University in 2020 with a degree in Communication Studies. She currently writes for several publications as a freelance blogger and copywriter.