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Summer 2020 Color Trends to Keep You Inspired

July 27, 2020

COVID has definitely been doing its best to kill the summer vibes. From canceled graduation parties to postponed baseball games, summer has been more of a bummer than we expected. But, if you’ve been here for a minute, then you probably know that you can find inspiration in all sorts of unexpected places. While others have been creating backyard oases, we’ve been filling our lives with colorful gear. We’ve written about how colors can influence your mood before, which is why we’ve been relying on these summer 2020 color trends to keep us inspired.


Fiery Reds

We might be biased, but we really can’t get enough of the fiery reds we’ve been seeing across the board this summer. Inspired by the Pantone color Flame Scarlet, we love a good pop of red to keep us feeling bold and energized.


Red is the color of life and passion. It literally runs through our veins and keeps us going. Bright reds can be energizing and inspiring on days when you’re just not feeling it. If you’re struggling to get through a week full of Mondays, put on your red power suit and start knocking out your to-do list. Or, if you need an extra burst of oomph at the gym, red is your friend.


Zesty Greens

There’s nothing like a fresh, revitalizing green to help reground and recenter you. After the one-millionth day (yes, that’s the exact number) in work from home status, it can really start to feel like you’re living in the twilight zone. 


Inspired by the Pantone color Chive, green will help you feel renewed and centered if you’re stuck on the seventh Monday in a row. From bright, spring greens to deep forest greens, this is one of our favorite multitasking colors. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another that can both energize you and ground you at the same time.


Bold Blues

Multiple shades of bold blue tones have been a staple of the Summer 2020 color trends. Need a break from all the chaos? Blue can do just the trick. Inspired by the open ocean and vast blue skies, blues can bring you tranquility and peace.


Our current blue crush is cobalt blue. Inspired by the Pantone color Classic Blue, Cobalt will free up your imagination and help you reset with a sense of calm. So go on and put on a cool blue and hit that yoga mat. Chances are, you’ll feel refreshed, calm, and inspired afterward. It’s the perfect reset.


Chic Pinks

Feeling too socially distant? Then the pink 2020 summer color trend is just what you needed. Pink is the color of friendship, love, and approachability. Have a day filled with Zoom meetings? Putting on some pink can help you get in the right mindset for virtual teamwork. 


Our favorite powder pink is inspired by the Pantone color coral pink. Wearing pink is an easy way to show yourself some love. This color is feminine, soft, and empowering – so it basically counts as a power suit, right?


Energizing Whites

Feel like your summer just needs a restart? Then white might be for you. The color white is associated with new beginnings, endless possibilities, and radiance


Inspired by the Pantone color brilliant white, putting on some fresh gear can help you feel like you’re starting again. Look – we get it. Some days feel like they just roll right into the next, especially during COVID lockdowns. White can help you get a fresh start each day. That way, you can put your best foot forward and let go of yesterdays.



The summer 2020 color trends have us feeling all sorts of good. From bright, bold, blues to soothing pinks, you’re sure to find a color that matches your mood. Or, you might even find a color that kicks your mood to the next level so you can keep on smashing those goals – COVID be damned!

The Centric Team