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Our Sustainability Pledge

February 15, 2021

We live in a throwaway society. Luckily, we’re all becoming way more focused on how to live sustainably. There’s a revolution brewing and Centric aims to lead the charge. That starts with us creating goods that should last you a lifetime. But we’re not stopping there. We’re committed to reducing our resource consumption and requiring fair-wage certification from our manufacturing partners.  Sustainability is close to our heart, so we wanted to share what we’re doing to leave this world better than we found it. 


Why Sustainability Matters

Centric has two main sustainability rules – don’t waste precious natural resources and find ways to keep the planet in balance. For us, sustainability isn’t just about what we can do today – it’s about the future. We work hard to make decisions that focus on creating a future that is better, cleaner, and more vibrant than today. 

Centric CEO, Ryan Hoang, always says, “it isn’t just a matter of right and wrong. You’re not going to trash your house or your car, so you shouldn’t treat the planet that way. And it’s not only a matter of survival. In order for our communities to thrive, we have to start taking sustainability more seriously. After all, your physical environment has massive effects on your wellbeing.”

A sustainable business model just makes sense from both an ethical and financial perspective. It’s about serving you and serving this planet. From beginning to end, we’re always looking at what it takes to make our high-performance apparel. We’re not in the business of selling cheap activewear that you’ll need to replace every six months. That is one huge step towards a more sustainable future.


How We Practice Sustainability

Our first commitment to sustainability is by creating products that last. Traditional models of apparel manufacturing are centered on consumption culture. That means that goods are made to be cheap and disposable. Like when that $5 shirt from the bargain bin starts unraveling at the seams within a few washes. In this case, cheaper isn’t better. Once it’s toast, you throw it away.

But the lifespan of that cheap shirt isn’t over. Sure, you’re done with it. But throwing it in the trash doesn’t make it magically disappear. It simply disappears from your sight. What’s not often seen is the amount of waste that collects because of consumption culture. We’re on the fast track to running out of space to store all of the garbage. Plus, a consumption culture is also an overproduction culture. The more you throw away, the more you buy to replace it. The more you replace it, the more energy and raw resources you waste to remake it.

our sustainability pledge

It’s estimated that only 15% of leftover fabric scraps are recycled. The rest gets tossed into dumps. That’s why we encourage all of our manufacturing facilities to recycle their fabric remnants instead of trashing them. They can then be upcycled into new products, such as building insulation and furniture padding.

Refusing to make disposable goods is another way to stop the vicious cycle. And the key to making your gear last for a lifetime is using high-quality materials. That’s kind of our thing. Sure, they might cost a little bit more, but you won’t have to worry about zippers busting or seams ripping after only a few wears.

We’re also focused on reducing our environmental footprint. At our manufacturing facilities, we focus on sustainability throughout the entire lifecycle. We’re always innovating and upgrading to reduce the amount of water and energy our facilities use. We also work with some of the industry’s brightest engineers to develop fabrics made out of recycled water bottles. 


Taking It Beyond Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability isn’t just about environmental impact. Human resources are interconnected with Earth’s resources. Ensuring fair wages and working conditions for everyone influences consumer behavior worldwide. The more that we lift others, the more that they can focus on behaviors that benefit the environment. Giving others financial freedom means giving them the ability to choose what’s best for the environment – versus having to choose only what’s best for them. That’s why we’re committed to following through. Fair-wage certification from each of our manufacturing facilities is one of the Centric pillars. It’s far easier (and cheaper) to ignore this part of sustainability. Yet nothing great ever came from taking the easy way out. 


Committed to a Sustainable Today, Tomorrow, and Forever

From global climate crisis to food shortages, the challenge of creating a more sustainable world can seem overwhelming. But making simple changes daily can create huge impacts. It can be as easy as opting for long-lasting clothing to break the cycle of overconsumption. 

From beginning to end, we’re passionate about making this world a better place. We’re not perfect, but we’re always working to improve – through our recycling initiatives, our raw resource consumption, and our long-lasting high quality activewear. You can learn more about our technology and manufacturing processes here.

The Centric Team