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Meet Influencer, Fitness Guru, and Spunky Soul Kianna Vestuto

May 25, 2020

Say hello to our latest Inspirationalist, Kianna Vestuto. With her bubbly and energizing personality, she attracts online clients from across the globe to help them realize their wildest fitness goals. She moved to L.A. from Las Vegas in 2019. and loves living at the heart of the fitness community. Let’s get to know Kianna a little bit more!

Kianna Vestuto in Centric Claudia Sports Bra and Biker Shorts

Model: Kianna Vestuto. Outfits: Claudia Single Strap Sports Bra, Cece High Waist Bikers Shorts. Accessories: ChromTech™ On the Go Waist Bag.


1. It’s so nice to finally meet you! Can you start by telling us a little about yourself?

My name is Kianna Vestuto, and I’m an L.A. based personal trainer with over 9 years of coaching and training experience. I am currently an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, a Tier 3 Trainer at Equinox West Hollywood, a global online fitness coach, and a former journalist for Bodybuilding.com. What can I say? I’m passionate about helping people feel confident and sexy! 

I take a lifestyle approach to training with most of my clients. I genuinely believe that we should be able to still enjoy life while maintaining great health, looking good, and feeling confident in our skin! While some people might prefer to go all-out, I wanted to create a training method that doesn’t force my clients to give up on all their favorite foods and activities. Life’s too short to eat chicken and rice all day, every day!

I graduated from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas with a B.A. in Journalism/Integrated Marketing Communications. I have competed in multiple bodybuilding competitions, where I won the titles of First Place in several different divisions. I also won Bikini Overall Champion and achieved 4th place at the USA Nationals. I am also a former University of Oregon Acrobatics & Tumbling student-athlete.

I just recently signed with the Movement Talent Agency in L.A. as a fitness model and actor! One of my lifetime goals is to star in a Nike commercial one day. If you had asked me 10 years ago if this is where I’d be now, I would have never imagined living in California and being submerged in the entertainment industry. But I’m the kind of person that’s always open and ready for exciting, new opportunities!


2. When we’re not all quarantined, what does an average day look like for you?

When we are not quarantined, I am usually up and at it. I’m more of an early bird – my wake up call is usually around 4:30 or 5 am. To make sure I start my day off on the right foot, the first thing I do is brush my teeth and smile at myself in the mirror. Sound cheesy? Maybe. But I believe it’s super important to fill up our own cup before anyone else’s! I start my day by giving myself a little boost of love and confidence! 

After that, I chug a big glass of water, turn the coffee pot on, and sit down for a few minutes to pray, read my Bible or devotional book, and journal while drinking a fresh cup of joe. I don’t normally spend much time primping. I usually just throw on my favorite fitness gear and head out the door. 

I start working with my clients beginning around 6 am, and I have back to back clients at Equinox until about noon. If I get hungry before noon, I’ll squeeze in a healthy snack or protein shake in between clients. At noon, I’ll break from working with my clients to refocus on myself. That’s when I get my workout in, which usually takes me about an hour-ish. Before I head home to get some computer work done, I’ll shower and freshen up. I focus on content creation, emails, online client programs, and business development work for myself for the rest of the afternoon. There are occasionally days when I have private clients in the afternoons. But my evenings are always my time – sometimes I do more work on my laptop, but there are days when I just relax and decompress. I rarely take evening clients!


3. What do you do to decompress and unwind?

I’m a homebody when it comes to decompressing. I stretch regularly before and after my workouts to try to make decompression a part of my regular routine. While this might sound crazy, I’m not a huge fan of yoga if I’m being honest… I’m just a sucker for a good HIIT workout, what can I say? 

Another form of unwinding for me is just my daily prayer, meditation, and journaling time. I spend my Sundays at church, which is one of my favorite ways to decompress. I love my OasisLA Church family!


4. Everyone’s got their quirks. Tell us three surprising things about you that people might not know.

  1. I shamelessly almost always have clammy hands and feet. Holding hands with my boyfriend can only last so long before he can’t take it anymore!
  2. I fractured three bones in my right foot walking down a flight of stairs in heels. Not my brightest moment, I know. I clearly have a unique set of skills!
  3. I have a naturally hyper and bubbly personality – I love love love spreading positivity and making people smile! I love being a light to others.


5. What got you into fitness?

A big part of my personal journey and desire for fitness stemmed from my own life challenges. From acquiring numerous injuries to battling an eating disorder to overcoming depression and anxiety – if there’s one thing that I’m sure of in this life, it’s that fitness has been one of the most positive impacts on my life. I first stepped into a gym at the age of 13, and I haven’t looked back since. I believe that true health begins on the inside and that it’s not just about the way we look—but the way we feel. Even if your physical body is in peak condition, your health can still suffer if you don’t take care of your spirit and mental health.


6. Just getting started can be the worst part. What advice would you give to someone who was just starting out with fitness?

Always be kind to your body! I tell all of my clients that if they don’t love their current body when they first start off, they’ll likely never love any “dream” body in the future, no matter how much weight they lose or muscle they gain. You have to have a healthy, patient, and loving mindset towards yourself. Without this, you’ll struggle to make progress or ever be satisfied or content with your accomplishments.

And while it’s easy to do, don’t overthink things! I remember when I first started my fitness journey, I felt overwhelmed with information on the internet, and I stressed about every little detail. Focus on being consistent and patient. A little progress each day adds up to big results. It might sound cliché, but it’s so true.


7. Being an Instagram influencer and online coach can mean you’re under constant scrutiny. What’s the toughest part of doing what you do? What do you love most about it?

Sometimes I feel like the fitness industry has become completely saturated, which is why staying current and relevant with the constantly changing trends is probably the most challenging part of what I do. 

And it’s so much more than just staying relevant. I also want to make sure that I keep in touch with my community. This is why I highly value being credible and knowledgeable, as well. There is so much false and misleading information out there. It can be frustrating when I see other influencers (usually with little to no fitness experience or even knowledge about the human body) misleading other people. 

But it’s all worth it because I am incredibly fortunate to be able to literally do what I love for a living! I love helping people (cliché, I know). That’s my why. I know I’m on this earth to make an impact and be a LIGHT! I’ll never stop striving to be a positive force in people’s lives – I always try to make everyone feel confident, healthy, and comfortable!


8. Do you have a mantra or motto that you live by?

One of my favorites is actually a Bible verse I have tattooed on the left side of my body! “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13). Another one I live by is “Faith over fear”. Life’s too short to let your fears hold you back.


Want to follow along on Kianna’s journey? You can find her on Instagram @kiannavestuto

Kiana Vestuto Fitness Instructor

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