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Lessons We Can All Learn from Pride Month

June 22, 2020

When June rolls around every year, we take a moment to focus on the history of Pride month. While there’s always more that we can do to improve, we’ve come a long way from where we first started. We’ve always been the kind of company that seeks out diversity. From our team to our community, we have always wanted to create a place where everyone feels welcome and loved for who they are. This month, we wanted to take a look back at the history of Pride month and some of the many lessons we can learn from pride month.


The History

Although it’s kind of hard to imagine, there was a time when Pride month didn’t exist. Unofficial celebrations didn’t start happening in full force until the 1950s. And it hasn’t even been official for that long. In 2000, then-President Bill Clinton declared June as the official month of “Gay and Lesbian Pride”. It wasn’t until 2011 when then-President Barack Obama made pride month more inclusive by declaring June LGBT Pride Month.

Most of us understand what the general Pride movement is about, but it all really stems back to the 1960s. Back then, getting caught in drag outfits was enough to get you arrested. And if you think it’s only a men’s issue, women could have also been arrested for not wearing enough feminine clothing.

The pivotal moment for the LGBT movement was in June of 1969 with the now-infamous Stonewall riots. But what you might not know is that these “riots” started out as police raids on The Stonewall Inn bar in the heart of NYC. These raids led to riots, and then to marches, and lit the LGBT movement on fire.

While the LGBTQIA+ community has made significant strides in Western countries like the US and Canada, there are still places in this world where being open about your LGBTQIA+ status can (legally) get you killed. While we should consider ourselves blessed in this sense, we have to keep pushing forward for equality – not just at home, but around the world.


What We Can All Learn from Pride Month

The lessons we can learn from Pride Month don’t have a dang thing to do about politics or personal opinions. Because it’s not about who you were or where you came from.

Pride month is about loving who you are and accepting each other for all of our differences. Especially in today’s world, it is far too easy to get stuck in our own opinion bubbles. We are often too quick to judge each other (and even sometimes ourselves). There’s no such thing as too much love.

And it’s in the face of adversity when we find our true strength. A rising tide lifts all ships, and we should leave no man person behind. So, whether you’re committing to marching side by side with your fellow supporters or simply speaking up for equality, we’re here with you. From apparel made for all colors, shapes, and sizes to model diversity, we’re committed to making steps towards creating a better and brighter future for our community and this world. Let’s take a page out of the history book and put to good use these lessons we can learn from Pride Month.

The Centric Team