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Find that Zen with the Best Meditation Apps for 2020

September 21, 2020

If there’s one thing that we need in 2020, it’s a good dose of meditation and mindfulness. Let’s be honest – 2020 has been a complete nightmare, and it’s about time we subbed those unhealthy coping mechanisms for some healthy ones. Maybe you’re new to the meditation scene and you’re looking for a place to get started. Or maybe you’re not sold on the whole mindfulness thing yet. No matter what experience you have with meditation, we rounded up the best meditation apps for 2020 so you can get your zen on.


For the Beginners: Headspace

Just looking for a place to kick off your mindfulness journey? Headspace is one of our favorite meditation apps for 2020. Boasting a welcoming and user-friendly interface, it’s easy to get into the swing of things and start developing regular habits. It was ranked number one by Wirecutter amongst all of the other competing apps.


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Headspace is designed to walk you through a learning process. They set up different levels and walk you through each one – kind of like a graduation process. Their guided sessions are also customizable. If you only have a couple minutes, you can tailor the length of your meditation. Or, if you’ve got 20 to 30 minutes, there’s a session for that, too. Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars on the App store, Headspace offers a free two-week trial with a one-year subscription. After the two week trial is up, a one-year subscription costs $70.


For Mindfulness Masters: Calm

If you’re already on the meditation track and you’re looking for a good app that can support your regular practice, then Calm might just be the app you need. Calm is one of the highest-rated meditation and mindfulness apps out there. Calm welcomes almost 40,000 new users daily. In 2017, it was Apple’s favorite app of the year.


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But what’s so great about Calm? It has one of the best user interfaces that we’ve seen. The other thing that we really love about Calm is that there’s a session for everything. Struggling to sleep? You can follow a guided breathing session or put on a sleep story. Just looking for some ambient noise? They do that, too. Calm offers a free, seven-day trial. After that, a one-year subscription costs $70.


For the Zen Seeker: Glo

Meditation, mindfulness, and yoga go hand-in-hand. That’s why the creators of the Glo app brought them all together. If you’re looking to hit that next-level zen with a little bit of daily self-care, then Glo is the way to go.

Glo app

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But Glo is much more than an app – it’s also a welcoming, safe community of like-minded meditation and wellness enthusiasts. Glo offers a free, 15-day trial and a month-to-month subscription costs $18, which is probably less than you spend on Starbucks every month.


For the Time-Crunched: Unplug

If you’re finding yourself stressed to the max during your busy days, Unplug can help you recenter and refocus. This app was designed for people who only have a few minutes a day to practice meditation. 


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Stress can be a real brain-blocker. If you feel like you’ve hit a wall and need a break from the screen, Unplug offers quick meditation sessions with calming ambient sounds and gentle timers to let you know when your session is over. This is our favorite pick for busy professionals who might just need a quick reset throughout the workday. Unplug offers a seven-day free trial and a yearly subscription is $60.


For the Skeptics: 10% Happier

Look, we get it. You might be skeptical about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation. That’s why we included 10% Happier on our list of the best meditation apps for 2020. Unlike some of the other meditation apps out there, 10% Happier is geared more towards finding your focus than finding your Chi. This app was born out of professional anxiety by Dan Harris, a former news anchor that had a panic attack on air.


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If you can’t get enough of the 10% Happier lifestyle, Harris also hosts a podcast appropriately titled the 10% Happier Podcast. This app has a limited seven-day free trial. The one-year membership is $99, but includes a wide variety of benefits, including personal coaching through the app.



The app landscape is always changing, which can make it difficult to narrow down the best mindfulness apps. Whether you’re looking to improve your focus, boost your productivity, or simply practice mindfulness and self-care, there’s an app for everyone. And we all know that we could use a little zen boost with everything that 2020 has been throwing at us. Hopefully our roundup of the best meditation apps for 2020 helps you find that perfect fit.

The Centric Team