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Do I Really Need a Personal Trainer? Here’s How You Know

May 31, 2021

At some point in our lives, most of us ask ourselves, do I really need a personal trainer? And while we’d like to tell you that you don’t need a trainer, the truth is that each person is different. Regardless of whether you’re just starting or you’re a more seasoned fitness enthusiast, there are benefits to investing in a personal trainer.

Here are a few tips on how to really know if investing in one-on-one training sessions with a personal trainer is worth it.

A personal trainer works with you to develop a workout routine for results


Why You Might Not Need a Personal Trainer

Look – personal trainers can be pricey. The average price per hour can range from $20 an hour for a brand new trainer – up to $500 per hour for a veteran or celebrity personal trainer. 

Yes, it can be worth it. But you could also dedicate that money towards recovery, gear, or even improving your nutrition

Here’s why getting a trainer might not be worth it for you.


You’re a Pro at Bringing Your A-Game Everyday

Self-motivation comes easily for you. Sure, there might be days where it’s more of a struggle to stick to your routine, but you do it anyway. You’re committed to achieving your goals, and the only way to make that happen is through consistency, dedication, and hard work.

A personal trainer can help keep you motivated and accountable. But we’ll let you in on a secret: accountability/workout buddies can do the same thing. That’s especially true if you’re already fairly good at keeping yourself motivated.

So maybe skip the trainer, grab your high-quality activewear, and keep doing your thing.

You’ve Mastered a Variety of Workout Routines

Trainers can help introduce you to new moves and equipment. But if you already have a decent knowledge regarding the equipment, you might end up paying for a service that isn’t teaching you much. 

If you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast who knows their way around the gym equipment, then hiring a personal trainer might not be the best option for you.


The Thought of Scheduling Another Appointment Feels Daunting

If your life always has you on the go, figuring out how to squeeze in yet another appointment can feel like a challenge. With a personal trainer, you have to stick to a rigid schedule. But when you forgo personal training, you can squeeze in a sweat sesh at your convenience. You’re not beholden to someone else’s packed schedule. 

If you’re keen to keep your scheduling flexibility, then you might want to hold off on hiring a personal trainer


Why You Should Consider Getting a Personal Trainer

Still wondering, is a personal trainer worth it? There are some significant benefits to finding a personal trainer. Getting a trainer can be worth it if it helps you break through barriers and hit your goals. 

Here are some reasons to get a personal trainer.


You Struggle with Self-Motivation

Struggling to get out of bed for those early-morning group exercise programs? Sometimes it can be tough to muster the motivation to push through your workout. 

While you can try using mind games to trick yourself into staying motivated, sometimes you just need that extra little push. A trainer can help keep you motivated and push you to improve continuously.

You’ve Hit a Plateau and Can’t Seem to Break Through

If you’re struggling to lose weight and hit your weight loss goal or just looking to hit a PR, a personal trainer can help you break through that plateau

Expert personal trainers can deliver results. They are masters of motivation, and they understand what it takes to break through roadblocks. The key to achieving success together is getting to know your trainer. 

And vice versa. Your trainer needs to get to know you and understand your body and your metabolism. The same routine won’t work for everyone, so they can tailor an exercise program that helps you hit your goals.


Get Started on the Right Foot

Half the battle of getting started is understanding how to use new equipment. Improper form or failing to follow machine instructions can result in major damage to your body. When you’re starting a new fitness routine, the last thing you need is an injury that takes you out of the game. 

If you’re concerned about using equipment you haven’t been trained on, a personal trainer can help you. Their coaching can help ensure that you create good form and posture habits.


There’s an Injury Holding You Back

Nothing will derail a fitness journey like an injury. But some injuries just never seem to go away, and that can create a wall between you and your fitness goals.

Personal trainers understand how to modify exercises to help alleviate strain and avoid aggravating injuries. Consult with your trainer to develop a plan that honors and respects your body.


Conclusion: There’s No Right or Wrong Answer to the Personal Trainer Debate

Hiring a personal trainer is, well, personal. Not everyone will benefit the same from investing in one-on-one training.

Before you commit, evaluate your needs to figure out whether the price tag is worth it for your needs. Then, meet your trainer and get to know them. Understand their coaching style and whether or not it works for you. It can be worth it to hire a personal trainer, but only if it fits your unique needs.

Once you’re ready to get started, grab your favorite high-performance activewear and get ready to level up and hit your fitness goals.


Ryan H


Ryan Hoang is a former fitness trainer, fashion entrepreneur, and creative force behind the modern activewear brand Centric. As a fitness enthusiast and apparel industry professional, he always strives to design and create high performance athletic apparel without compromising fashion for function. When he is not busy working on Centric, you will find him at the gym sweating it out or in the kitchen trying out new recipes.