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Bring On Colorful Activewear with SS2021 Color Trends

May 17, 2021

Color is magical and it can help you break through that drab, Winter hangover. Sure, blacks and greys can be your reliable go-to choices, but bright colorful activewear, Spring color palettes can help you boost your mood.

Those seemingly endless months of dark, cold Winter days can really do a number on your physical and mental energy. If you’re feeling uninspired, it might be time to switch up your gym clothes and breathe new life and energy into your fitness routine. 

It’s time to kick those Winter blues to the curb with these fresh and inspiring Spring/Summer 2021 colorful activewear trends.


Subtle, Powdery Blues

Like a breath of fresh air, blues can inspire you to smash those goals – day and day out. This powdery, cerulean blue is perfect for when you’re struggling to stay committed to those fitness goals


This light and airy Summer color is also perfect for park play dates or beach days. You know, the hot, sizzling ones when you want to avoid those darker colors in the midday sun. Just don’t forget the sunscreen when you head out the door in the world’s most comfortable high-performance leggings.


Energizing and Inspiring Fuschia

If you’re looking for colorful activewear for summer, add this brilliant and energizing fuschia to your high-performance activewear collection. Not quite purple – but not quite red or pink either – fuschia is a happy medium that combines all of your favorite colors. 


With regal, powerful energy, it can help you kill that workout… or your to-do list. Even if you’re still rocking yesterday’s messy-bun, putting on this fan-fave fuschia sports bra can help you feel put together and ready to take on the world.


Calming Earthy Tan

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful neutral khaki to help you keep you grounded. If you’re feeling stressed out, put on this street-style inspired color to give you that sense of balance and calm you need to stay focused. 


Trade-in those old, khaki shorts for this high-performance tan pair of men’s gym shorts. Complete with hidden pockets and built-in liner, you’ll be able to transition quickly from the gym to the office with these moisture-wicking workout shorts. This ain’t your average pair of men’s workout shorts.


Playful Pink

When you’re feeling burnt out from the routine of everyday life, put on your playful pink sports bras and imbue your energy with a renewed sense of youthfulness. Pink is known for its ability to put that spring back in your step. 


You can experience those bubblegum vibes for yourself with the crop top-meets-sports bra Robyn high-neck sports bra. This high-support sports bra will give you an all day hug. Finally! Colorful activewear that’s perfect for high-intensity activities. You can also pair it with jeans or a skirt for a comfortable (but polished) date-night look.


Conclusion: Fill Your Life with Colorful Activewear and Stay Inspired Everyday

High-quality activewear shouldn’t be boring. Don’t get us wrong – we love a good, all-black outfit to power through those workouts. But breakout of the black basics routine with these bright, Spring-inspired pieces.

From multitasking khaki running shorts to multicolor gym clothes for men, we’re committed to being an activewear brand that delivers the range of colors you need to stay inspired everyday.

The Centric Team