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Summer 2020 Color Trends to Keep You Inspired

COVID has definitely been doing its best to kill the summer vibes.While others have been creating backyard oases, we’ve been filling our lives with colorful gear. Take a peek at these summer 2020 color trends that have been keeping us inspired.

Summer Road Trip Essentials for Your July 4th Getaway

Road trips are great for getting you far enough away from home to feel like you’re on vacation, without actually having to spend a whole day traveling. That’s why we’ve rounded up the perfect list of summer road trip essentials you need for your July 4th getaway.

Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts for the On-the-Go Dad in Your Life

Whether you’re searching for your dad or that father figure in your life, it can be tough to find that perfect Father’s Day gift. That’s why we rounded up our favorite edit of last-minute father’s day gifts for the on-the-go dad in your life.

Finding Your Fit: An Easy Guide to Picking the Perfect Leggings

From sheer to sagging, finding the perfect pair of leggings can feel impossible. All you have to remember is the three F’s: function, fit, and fabric. Take a look at these helpful tips to help you find your new favorite pair of leggings.

Finding the Right Fit for You: Sports Bras 101

Ladies – let’s talk about supporting the girls. If you’ve ever worn an ill-fitting sports bra, you know what a pain it can be. Not wearing the right sports bra can be painful and hamper your performance. Finding the right fit can be tricky, so let’s talk sports bras 101.

Boost Your Workout with Colorful Activewear

A room painted red might get you all fired up and energized, but is this the same for activewear? The short answer is yes. But how exactly does this happen? Let’s look at the science behind the principle of color psychology and how it affects your workout.

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