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10 Low Impact Workout Moves to Get the Blood Pumpin’

Working out can be a lot for your body. But you shouldn’t have to compromise your commitment to fitness just because you need a routine that’s tailored to your needs. Check out 10 of the best low-impact workout moves to get your blood pumpin’ and the sweat flowing.

Do I Really Need a Personal Trainer? Here’s How You Know

Fitness trainers can be expensive. And while there are some benefits to hiring a personal trainer, you might not actually need one. Check out these tips on how to know if investing in a one-on-one personal trainer is what your fitness routine needs.

Fact: Your Physical Environment Affects your Well-Being

You ever walk into a room, and suddenly your whole mood changes? It’s a strange and mysterious thing. Let’s explore how your physical environment affects your well-being and how you can use that to your advantage.

Tips & Tricks to Make Those Resolutions Stick

New year, new same (but better) you. Creating new routines and breaking old habits is a game of psychological warfare. This time, it’s you vs. you. Here are some tips and tricks to making those New Year’s resolutions actually stick this time around.

Feeling Stressed? Exercise Might Be the Answer

Feeling stressed lately? While you might think that turning to your favorite pint of Ben & Jerry’s might be the easy way out, its effects will wear off quicker than you think. Instead of falling back on old habits, learn about how you can exercise to relieve stress.

The Best Fitness Gifts for 2020 to Make Your Life That Much Easier

You know what’s tough? Finding the perfect gifts. Know what’s even tougher? Finding the perfect gifts for those fitness addicts in your life. Check off those hard-to-buy-for fitness lovers in your life with the best fitness gifts for 2020.

Find the Best Workout for Your Personality

Ever wonder why people enjoy CrossFit? Is yoga actually for everyone? You wouldn’t expect everyone to have the same tastes in fashion, so why should it be any different with your workout? Well, it’s time to find the best workout for your personality.

Get Your Flexibility on with These Stress-relieving Stretches

Think flexibility is just for yogis? Nope. Flexibility is a must for athletes and fitness fans alike. What kind of stretches should you be doing? How often should you stretch? Is stretching only for warming up and cooling down? Let’s explore the world of improved flexibility thanks to regular stretching.

Burnout on Crunches? Try These Ab Workouts Instead

Crunch burnout is a real thing. And while crunches might be the quintessential ab workout, they’re not the only one. Check out these no crunch ab exercises that will get the job done – and cure you of that lingering crunch hangover.

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