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10 Body Positive Fitness Accounts to Follow in 2021

February 2, 2021

Fitness isn’t one-size-fits-all. What works for some doesn’t fit the bill for others. Body size shouldn’t be any different. Your body is completely unique. Even if everyone ate the same diet and followed the same workout plan, we still wouldn’t all have the same body shape or size.

It can be difficult to find fitness accounts that celebrate body positivity and diversity, especially considering you’ve got to work against the algorithm to find them. So we did the hard work and rounded up 10 body positive Instagram accounts to follow in 2021.


Michelle Harbo 


Your daily reminder that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight – as long as you’ve set your intentions towards healthy objectives. 

Michelle’s feed is like a breath of fresh air. Not only is it beautifully curated, it’s also a safe haven from other more photoshopped Instagram feeds. When you spend time with Michelle, you can’t help but to absorb all of the self-love vibes. She’s so good at reminding you that you shouldn’t “feel like you’re any less worthy just because you don’t look like a model! You are beautiful just the way you are.”

michelle harbo


Lauren Leavel


Your go-to account for relatable and realistic fitness and nutrition support. 

Lauren is the queen of raw, real and supportive body talk. She has a way of speaking to the deepest parts of your soul, reminding you that she is “here promoting body neutrality and liberation, eating intuitively, moving joyfully, AND there are still times when [she] struggles with body image.” Even though she’s a professional fitness trainer, she doesn’t try to fit into the mold. Instead, she spends her time smashing them and reminding you that your fitness journey is your own. 



Nicole Zajac


A safe space where you don’t have to conform to the standards to be fit and healthy. 

Nicole believes that just because your fitness doesn’t look like the “ideal”, that doesn’t make you any less worthy. Health and fitness look different on everyone. And Nicole’s here to live that truth every day. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re surrounded by images of perfectly chiseled, naturally thin bodies. But it’s so wonderful to live in a world where people like Nicole exist.



Julia Parzyck


Your daily reminder that body size isn’t a measure of health.

Julia is a professional eating disorder recovery coach. She shares her own struggles to highlight that looking “healthy” on the outside isn’t everything. Her vulnerable sensitivity is just one of the reasons she’s one of the best body positive instagram accounts to follow in 2021. Yes, you can be fit, and fat, and definitely all that – and all at once. 



Jessamyn Stanley


A body positivity goddess committed to promoting unapologetic self-acceptance. 

With almost half a million followers, Jessica uses her influence for good. She even graced the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine in all of her unedited beauty – just to prove that radical self-acceptance and fitness can go hand in hand. She’s also a devoted yoga instructor so you can get your self-love balasana on together.



Kanoa Greene@kanoagreene

Queen of fitness, self-love, and mental health awareness. 

Add a little realness into your feed with Kanoa Greene. She talks about all things fitness, self-love, and this whole quarantine challenge. Her content creates a safe space where followers can see themselves reflected in her authentic vulnerability. Struggling with weight gain? Not feeling like you’re enough? Give her a follow for the support you need – both psychologically and physically.



Anna Victoria


For unedited, unfiltered, and unashamed self-acceptance and body positivity.

Anna brings an openness to your feed that’s desperately missing. It’s easy to forget that the people in your feed are actual people – especially when photos are heavily edited and filtered to perfection. But she isn’t afraid to show her unedited postpartum body – even though it doesn’t look like what it once was. Anna is one of the best body positive Instagram accounts to follow in 2021 exactly for that reason. She is perfectly imperfect and owns it. 



Mik Zazon


A creator of gorgeous content and beautifully imperfect wonder woman. 

Mik is known for her advocacy in the #normalizenormalbodies movement. Her photos are beautiful, but not just because they’re carefully curated. They’re beautiful because they show that our imperfections aren’t flaws – they’re what makes us unique. She reminds us that we all jiggle, we all have cellulite, and our bodies shouldn’t be made to fit clothes. Her feed is also peppered with posts that make this world feel a little less lonely – especially on the days when you’re struggling with self-doubt or self-confidence.



Sarah Nicole Landry


Changing the industry by sharing one body-positive post at a time. 

Sarah is committed to creating a more inclusive and body-positive space. And while she might not be able to change an industry (or platform) overnight, she’s making progress She documents her postpartum struggles to love her body and to accept her new “normal”. It’s easy to feel like your body image has taken a hit from social media scrolling. And it can easily become a toxic relationship. Stop the toxic scroll already and give her a follow. Her journey is so relatable, you can’t help but join in.



Britney Vest


Creating an accountability space to celebrate you and your body, however you choose to move it. 

For Britney, it’s not about being perfectly chiseled or size 2 – it’s about moving your body in a way that celebrates you and makes you feel good. She’s like your older sister. Always pushing you to be better and to improve yourself. But always there to pick you up when you get knocked down. Her feed is the perfect combination of tough love and caring support. If you need motivation and a daily reminder to love your body as it is, give her a follow.



Surround Yourself with Positivity

It’s time you broke up with those toxic social media accounts. It’s 2021 and it’s about damn time for real, authentic bodies to dominate the feed. When you’re ready, put on your best leggings and start filling your daily scroll with radical self-acceptance and self-love, check out these 10 body positive Instagram accounts to follow in 2021.

The Centric Team