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The Secret to Beating Rust Stains on Clothes

It happens to everyone – you drop that dumbbell or rub up against a rusty barbell plate, and boom! Rust stain on your favorite workout gear. But removing rust stains isn’t as easy as it sounds. Here’s what you need to know about removing rust stains from clothes

The Science Behind Why Fad Diets Fail

If you feel like you’re hearing about a new fad diet every week, you’re not alone. But fad diets never work for long. And there are scientific reasons for why that is. Here are 4 reasons diets fail and tips on how to create healthy, lasting change.

Start Meditating with a Guide to Meditation for Beginners

Meditation is a simple practice that can revolutionize your life. But its naturally fluid definition means that it can be a tough concept to grasp and master. Learn how your mind and body can benefit from meditation and find the meditation program that works best for you.

Do I Really Need a Personal Trainer? Here’s How You Know

Fitness trainers can be expensive. And while there are some benefits to hiring a personal trainer, you might not actually need one. Check out these tips on how to know if investing in a one-on-one personal trainer is what your fitness routine needs.

Hack Your Circadian Rhythm & Boost Productivity

If that 4 pm slump seems to hit you smack in the face every day, you might be working against yourself – and your body’s natural rhythms. Your circadian rhythm, to be precise. Learn how to hack your natural circadian rhythm and boost your productivity.

Invest in the HiFlex™ Training Shorts and End Your Workout Shorts Woes

If you’re in the market for new men’s workout shorts, it can be tough to narrow down the huge selection. To help you weed out the low-quality junk, we’ve got the breakdown on how investing in Centric HiFlex™ Training Shorts will end your workout shorts woes.

Fact: Your Physical Environment Affects your Well-Being

You ever walk into a room, and suddenly your whole mood changes? It’s a strange and mysterious thing. Let’s explore how your physical environment affects your well-being and how you can use that to your advantage.

Tips & Tricks to Make Those Resolutions Stick

New year, new same (but better) you. Creating new routines and breaking old habits is a game of psychological warfare. This time, it’s you vs. you. Here are some tips and tricks to making those New Year’s resolutions actually stick this time around.

Seasonal Affective Disorder and How Quarantine Can Make It Worse

Dark mornings making it a challenge to get up in the morning? Don’t worry. You’re not the only one. Enter: seasonal affective disorder. It’s time to understand seasonal affective disorder, how quarantine can make it worse, and what you can do to combat it.

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