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6 of the Best Workout Playlists for Staying Motivated

March 22, 2021

Science shows that music can do all sorts of magical things to your brain. From improving your memory to pain reduction, having music in your life is just one key to health and happiness. So it only makes sense that a great workout playlist can make all the difference. 

That’s why we rounded up six of the best workout playlists out there. It can be tedious to sort through dozens of songs and playlists only to find that they don’t quite hit the spot.

From pop to high-energy hip-hop, you can find the perfect tunes to help keep you focused and motivated, no matter which goals you’re chasing.


1. Kick up your game a notch with: Beast Mode – Marshawn Lynch

If you’re ready to kick your game up a notch, Marshawn Lynch (@beastmode) put together the best workout playlist of rap to get your blood pumping. As a former NFL player, he knows a thing or two about what you need to get the most out of your training.

Appropriately titled Beast Mode, this playlist is filled with that muscle-pumping high-energy hip-hop, and urban rap. From Ludacris to Kevin Gates, this playlist is sure to keep you motivated throughout your workout.

Link to Playlist


2. Get ready to run the world with: Fierce and Fit 30-Minute HIIT Workout Beyoncé Edition – POPSUGAR Fitness

Get crazy in love with your workout with a 30-minute Bey-filled HIIT workout playlist from POPSUGAR Fitness (@popsugarfitness). Ok – this isn’t a guarantee that you’ll love working out 100% of the time, but there’s nothing Queen Bey can’t remedy. Consider this one of the best cardio workout playlists out there.

Pop on your headphones and get ready to sweat it out like you’re on the set of your favorite Beyoncé music video. It’s time to make dance workouts the new HIIT. Fair warning: you’re gonna want to put this one on repeat.

Link to Playlist


3. Get hyped with: Nike Training Endurance – Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club (@niketraining) knew that you could use a little motivation, so they put together one of the best hype workout playlists: a six-hour endurance playlist. Perfect for those all-day marathons – or late nights at work.

This workout playlist is filled with quick tempo dance remixes to keep you powering away at whatever goal is in front of you. Make unmotivated and unfocused things of the past with these catchy beats.

Link to Playlist


4. Find your groove to stay focused with: MinnyHustlers HG – Minny Hustlers

If you need a playlist that helps you hustle in (and outside of) the gym, the Minny Hustlers (@minnyhustlers) worked up a little playlist for you. With over six hours of playtime, you’ll never get bored of this playlist. 

There’s a little something for everyone. Pop. Rap. Rock. Check, check, and check.

From classic DMX to Cardi B, you’re sure to find this one of the best motivational workout playlists on Spotify.

Link to Playlist

5. Chill out and get in the zone with: Yoga Girl Playlist of the Month – Yoga Girl

For more chill workout vibes, Yoga Girl (@yogagirlofficial) has you covered with a zen-like playlist perfect for rest days or getting your vinyasa on. 

Not every day is meant to be high-energy, and that’s ok. Some days you need to rest, recuperate, and recenter. 

Roll out the mat and pop on these soothing tunes to find your focus again.

Link to Playlist


6. Dial it up and sweat it out with: Centric Workout Playlist (March) – Centric Activewear

If you’re looking for a pumped-up playlist that covers everything from classic Kelly Clarkson to current-day Cardi B, this one’s for you.

So sweat it out. Or crank it up while you’re working from home. No matter where your day takes you, you’re sure to find the motivation to keep you going with these tunes.

Link to Playlist


Conclusion: Get to It With the Best Workout Tunes

Working out is a game of mind over matter, and the best workout playlists are like music hacks for your brain. Studies show that music can help unlock creativity, focus, and drive – which everyone can use a little more of every now and then.  So plug in your headphones, don your favorite gear, and sweat it out while jamming out.

The Centric Team